This morning, Year 4, 5 & 6 went to the theatre in Vigo in order to watch the play: Tarzan.
They enjoyed a lot, dancing, interacting with the actors and singing aloud.
Here you can see some pics from this event!!


In today´s session we have learnt how to prepare delicious pancakes.

First, Ana adds 500 grs of  flour.
Secondly, Vera adds 200 grs.of sugar

Here you can see Gabriel R  adding a packet of baking powder.

Noa mixes the dry ingredients.

Now it´s time for the liquid ingredients. David adds 1 litre of milk in a bowl.
After that, Iker adds 2 eggs to the mixture.
Carefully, Gael adds 2 egg yolks

Piero added 60 grs of melted butter.

Uxía was on charge of adding a spoonful of vanilla extract.

Finally, Gabriel B mixes all the ingredients together!
Each kid cooked his/her pancake. It was really funny and...delicious. Here you can see some pictures about that!


Next Thursday 22nd it´s Thanksgiving Day, and that´s why our language assistant Makayla has shared with us information about that special date.
First, she showed us how they usually celebrate this festival and its origins. Kids have asked lots of questions and they felt really enthusiastic about that.
Then, Makayla suggested to play some Thanksgiving games. So, Year 3, 4 cooperative groups had to guess which character was hidden under the tiles:
Here you can see Year 6 students feeling thankful for all they have in their lives: family, friends, pets, food, games ...and teachers as well!!



Last Tuesday we visited CEP Sabarís to join them and celebrate our 8th English Festival.
We had lots of fun singing and dancing. Then, we shared some snacks together and met new friends!!
If you click on this photo you can watch our performances.

O pasado martes visitamos o CEP Sabarís para celebrar xuntos o 8º Festival de Inglés. Pasámolo xenial cantando e bailando. Logo compartimos una merenda e fixemos novos/as amigos/as.
Se fas click nesta foto verás tódalas actuacións!!

A review about Skulduggery Pleasant by Gabriel

                           Skulduggery Pleasant

The book is by Derek Landy, is a british author.

The story is a magic mystery story about a skeleton magician that is enfrented with an other magician.

The characters are Stephanie : a girl that is easy angry, her uncle, Gordon, was die.
                                   Skulduggery : a skeleton magician, he can make fire, he can                                                                                          controle the water, the dirt and the air. He wants to                                                                                  kill Serpine.
                                   Serpine : is the worst magician in the world, he want´s a magical stuff for                                                        bring an a group of bad gods.

I like a lot the story.
                                                                   By Gabriel.

a review about "facendo o camiño" by Tomás

"Facendo o camiño"

Last week I participate in a musical by Ana and Olalla called "Facendo o camiño".
It´s a adventure musical about 7 kids making the way to Santiago.They make newfriends and theyhave adventures.
Pinzón it´s my character but my favouritein Queixoso.

                                                                                                                                                 By Tomás 

A reviw about facendo o camiño ByAbel

                                                  facendo o camiño                                                     

  I went to participate in a miusical facendo o      camiño. The autor is Olalla Ana Paz.The    miusical is about seven children go to santiago.
  The name of children is Africa Anton Noa Daniela Icia Carlota and Maria.

A review about Doing the path by Daniela

                     I wen´t to act <<Doing the Path>> last thursday in Vigo´s  theatre.
              The play is by Ana and Olalla my teachers.It´s a aventure story  about 7 kids are going to 

        do Santiago´s path.In the path they found a lots of people interesting...

           The story has got characters interesting.The leader,the resound,the competitive,the nervous,

         the forgetful,the complainer and the signal are the protagonist.The play is fantastic and beatifull.

                                                                                                                        By Daniela

A review about "Facendo o camiño " by Antón

I went to watch a musical called "Facendo camiño".The authors of the musical are Ana,paz and Olalla three teachers of C.E.I.P Belesar.The story is about seven children  go walking  to Santiago. The most interesting characters are the leader and the competitive. I like the story and the characters. 

                                            😐  By Antón 😐

A reviw about 'Facendo o camiño' By Noa 6°

J want to vigo to do a musical 'Facendo o camiño' ,

the author's are Olalla, Ana and Paz, the musical is about

7 children who go wolking until Santiago, the interesting caracters

are África , is the more competitive, Noa is the leader.

The histori is fantastic the best musical in the world.😀😏🦋

A review about "Facendo o camiño" by África

I went to Vigo to do the musical :"Facendo o camiño".                                                             The authors are:Olalla,Ana,and Paz,is a adventure story. It's about 7 children wolking until to Santiago.                                                                                                                               The story has many interesting characters: África is the competitive .Now is the leader .  Carlota is the nervous ...I love the musical ,because is very beautiful.✌🙌❤💙💚💛💜


This morning Cristina came to the English class to teach us lots of things about farm animals.

Here you can see Year 2 students talking about their favourite animals.
We had lots of fun pretending to be animals: Baaaa, oink, oink, neigh!!!

Finally, we enjoyed a lot singing some cools songs:

Thanks a lot again, you're welcome to come again Cristina!!