We have a SCHEDULE for English lessons at Edmodo/ Aula Virtual  

As you can see we are going to have class on specific days. I think this is easier for you, so you can know when teacher Natalia/Carla are going to share activities with you. What do you think? Do you like it? Kisses and hugs!!


Today we went to the ICT class to design clothing. We used Paint to create these cute clothes and we  enjoyed a lot!!!

Anxo Costas´s shoes and -shirt

Estífanos´s abstract t-shirt

Iar and Simón´s designs
Kalani´s scarf and jumper
Laura´s lovely dress!!
Leo has a gift for using Paint
Lucía and André´s wonderful scarf

Look at Manuel! Here´s an expert with Paint
María´s heart shaped trousers

Look at Mario: He loves designing football t-shirts
And late but not least...Anxo Sotelo´s t-shirt



This week we will vote our favourite bookmark about Canada. Your work was awesome and here you can see the amazing creations you have done!!! 
Congrats everyone!!
And these are the winners:

Congrats Adriana (Year 5) and Maite (Year 6)


On February the 13th, we enjoyed helding a cooking workshop at the English Class.
Year 6 students worked very hard organising the recipe instructions, the list of ingredients and the utensils they needed.
Here you can watch a video full of laughter and funny outtakes...

My stay at Carson Grove School (Ottawa)

This is Carson Grove School. It is a small school in the North-west of Ottawa (Canada's capital).
Around 300 kids attend lessons everyday from 9.15 in the morning up to 15.45 in the afternoon.
There are 22 teachers at school, a janitor, a principal, a vice-principal, secretaries, lunch monitors.
This is a special school because it follows the  open-concept methodology. Just 2% of Canadian kids attend this type of schools. This means there are no walls in the classrooms, so everyone feels like part of a community and it is really easy to move from one class to the next one. The only problem is that sometimes it gets a little bit noisy.
Carson Grove is a multicultural school, an 80% of its students come from different countries. Most of them are inmigrants or refugees from Pakistan, Siria, India, Africa, China, Afganistán, Iraq...

Everyday kids sing the national anthem "O Canada" and after that the principal makes some announcements such us news, birthdays, reminders and jokes, too.
Primary students have Language, Math, French, Gym, French, Art and Social studies lessons. They can go outside to the yard when they have the recess from 11.15 up to 12.00.

Primary students' schedule has two nutritional breaks, whereas Kindegarden kids have three. Healthy habits are very important and teachers work hard to implement those. In some classes, kids are allowed to have snacks whenever they want and they keep food under their desks. At the nutrional break, kids stay in class and are supervised by older kids and by lunch monitors, as well.

Class teachers are responsible for giving all the school subjects' lessons, except for French and Music. There are supporting teachers who attend those kids with special needs or those who have just arrived and do not speak English.
At my stay there I supported different classes and enjoyed a lot sharing information about my school and my country. In fact, I showed them a presentation which they liked very much.

The video console by, Adri,Javi,Sarai and Calu


The game boy is a video console,of color beige. Its very big and connects with a cable.
The remote control  connects with a cable.
The remote control is very small.
The game boy have a button of reset.


The nintendo switch is very small but
have conected with TV.
It has two remote controls, has a 
different games. The game is multiplayer. 

Cars in the past and in the present

Old cars
In the past the cars didn't have any glasses,neither a radio.
They don't have a ceiling.The old cars have four wheels,and the wheels are big.They couldn't make races.
Imagen relacionada
The old cars were very slow and so big.They can't make calls or have internet.

New cars
The new cars can be automatic and they are so faster and a lot of people get into a new car.
In 2018 the scientists discover how to make a car work with any person inside.
The new cars have internet and can make calls.
Resultado de imagen de new cars

Made by:Marina,Rubén,Mauro and Xiana (Cheeseburgers),of year five. :)

TV in past and present

TV in the past and TV in the present.
TV in the past.
The colour of the screen is in black and white. The screen is very small. It did have subtitles and had very few channels, the TV did not have wifi.

 TV in the present

The TV is very big, the television has wifi. The TV is smart TV. It has more channels, the colour of the screen is multicolour and you can put the language you want.



This year we dedicated our  "Month of..." project to the USA.

First, our language assistant Makayla introduced the topic with a cool presentation about her country.

We played a cooperative Kahoot game to check if we had understood all the explanations.

Year 6 students will be on charge of a cooking workshop. So, the first step was to  watch a famous American cartoon: Spongebob. They should learn about how to cook a Krabby Patty and later on they will teach Year 3 students about it.
In these videos you can watch Year 6 students going shopping in order to buy a Krabby Patty´s ingredients:

Year 4 students are creating our school fight song, following Makayla´s example of her college in Toledo.

Year 5 students listened carefully to Makayla reading The cat in the hat by Dr. Zeuss. After that, they will cooperate to tell the story to their  mates.


Today we played a cards game about Women in Science.
Makayla, our  language assistant, explained us how to play.
 We had to get 4 scientists in order to create a women's lab.
 The funniest thing of all was to get special cards with cool powers to clone, copy or steal cards to our mates. Xiana, Maite and Fran were the best players!!! Congrats to all!!!


This morning, Year 4, 5 & 6 went to the theatre in Vigo in order to watch the play: Tarzan.
They enjoyed a lot, dancing, interacting with the actors and singing aloud.
Here you can see some pics from this event!!