Yesterday, Year 4, 5 and 6 students enjoyed the performance of the play ZAPPING in Vigo.They learnt how to say the planets in order singing cool songs but they also understood the importance of stopping bullies and how we can collaborate helping each other.

" I liked the songs and my favourite moment was when the characters sang" By Liliana
"The character I liked most was Elly" by Noelia
"I liked the planets and the character I liked most was Braian" By Fran
"I loved the actors and the expressions" By Xoana
"I loved the music of Zapping" By Marina
"I liked the song of the planets" By Iñaki
"I liked the character of the dad, he´s very funny!" By Antón
"The play is very good. I liked. My favourite moment is when dad wore the red jacket. The play is very funny! By Daniela
"I loved the songs. The character of dad was funny" By Tomás


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